"Over 120M patients suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) worldwide. There is no cure. Theragen is focused on finding the cure"


Our Mission is:

  1. 1. To utilize non-invasive technology to apply energy to the body to treat disease which results in healing and pain relief
  2. 2. To build a Company with effective leadership, exceptional talent, professional skills and dedication to assist physicians, clinicians and surgeons to cure disease with novel, safe and effective technologies which delay or eliminate invasive procedures
  3. 3. To go beyond palliative care and cure diseases which impact patient’s quality of living
  4. 4. To exceed Customer Expectations through VIP Customer Care: Ultimately goal delivering improved patient treatment outcomes and sound economic benefits to the global healthcare system
  5. 5. To optimize a pure-play therapeutic company that investigates, identifies, develops and markets proven medical devices which address the growing demand for non-invasive, effective and safe treatment for painful and debilitating diseases through ongoing investment in uncompromising, rigorous scientific research, unparalleled commitment to professional education, and a resolve to succeed despite any challenge
  6. 6. To be objective and agnostic regarding the form of therapeutic energy developed by the Company, understanding that thermal, ultrasound, mechanical and therapeutic light technologies may hold the best answer to the cure of specific diseases



Management and Board Members

Kimball Chen
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Gary Grenter
President, CEO &
Co-Founder, Board Member

J. Chris McAuliffe
Executive Vice President & COO

Alex W. Evans
Advisor & Co-Founder, Board Member